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These books are unique; both in the poetry they contain and in the artwork. They make beautiful gifts, which will inspire, open up a window into the writer’s heart and cause many reader’s heart strings to reverberate! Several comments by others can be found at the bottom of this page and at the front of some of my books.

You will see a brief description, and the price per appropriate currency. This price does not include postage, as this varies depending on country of destination. Presently, books are printed in the U.S. by CreateSpace (Amazon). I am investigating printing and mailing options in Australia. Thank you for your interest!


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When you scroll down, you will be able to click on the direct CreateSpace link for each book, next to its cover design.


For AUSTRALIAN readers, my books, both paper versions and e-books are now available (since Nov. 2017) on the following Amazon Australia link (quoting prices in AU$, including FREE Delivery and NO foreign currency exchange fees!):


(Scroll down to the end to see some FEEDBACK regarding my books)


My Best Poems, COMPLETE COLLECTION, comprises Part 1, Nature, Part 2 Relationships and Part 3 Spirituality (which can also be purchased as separate books, or as a complete collection of four books (see below).

It is written in author’s particular prose style, which draws inspiration from Basho and T.S. Eliot in particular. It covers a lifetime of author’s poetry writing journey. Poems include reflections on the beauty of nature, through experienced encounters, the challenge of past and present relationships and the wonder of personal discovery of the spiritual side of life.

It is intended for reflection, meditation and the enjoyment of art; expressed through both poetry and beautiful paintings.

Price: US$ 46.99; GBP 36.99; Euros 41.99 at the following website address:

E-book available via  Price: US$ 9.99


Part 3, SPIRITUALITY,  encompasses author’s grappling with unfolding life experiences, from a spiritual perspective. It comes with paintings by Koraljka, a gifted artist. For meditation, reflection and simple enjoyment.
Price: US$ 25.00; GBP 19.50; Euros 21.99 at the following website address:

E-book available through  Price: US$ 6.99


Part 2, The Challenge of RELATIONSHIPS, describes many types of relationships, both personal and observed. It does this in a gutsy, honest and moving prose style. It has illustrations, both in colour and black and white, created by Koraljka, a brilliant artist. The book is designed for enjoyment, reflection and inspiration.

Price: US$ 19.99; GBP 15.50; Euros 17.65 at the following website address:

E-book available via  Price: US$ 5.99


Part 1, NATURE, to relax, inspire and simply enjoy! The nature described is part of the Australian landscape, viewed and experienced by both the author and a guest author, Ron T. Horan. It comes with paintings by Koraljka, an outstanding artist.

Price: US$ 14.90; GBP 11.99; EUR 13.99 at the following website address:

E-book available via  Price: US$ 3.00


Some FEEDBACK regarding above books:

Robyn Claydon, a published author who holds degrees in Education, Literature and Theology and is a Fellow of the Australian  College of Education, is an international speaker and author and taught English for many years, lecturing in Poetry. This is her commentary on my above poems:

Pia’s poems capture echoes from the past, reflections on the present and hope for the future. T.S.  Eliot in “Four Quartets” writes:

“Footfalls echo in the memory

Down the passage that we did not take

Towards the door we never opened

Into the rose-garden”

 The echoes from Pia’s life as she reflects on the harsh realities of life’ experiences and the disappointment of unfulfilled dreams  can evoke our own echoes. But her poetry does more than dwell on life’s disappointments; it also reveals the healing power of beauty glimpsed in nature and in life-affirming relationships.  She moves from darkness to light; from despair to discovery and to the assured hope of the eternal “Rose Garden “.


Another high-caliber feedback, about Part 3, Spirituality, from My Best Poems Collection is from Pastor Ralph Estherby, Author, Australian Army Chaplain, Director of Chaplaincy Australia and Senior Pastor at Breakthrough Hornsby Church, as listed below:

“I have found Pia’s “Spirituality” poetry to be consistent and life-giving and I commend the work highly. Her poems are almost Psalm-ic or Proverbial in the biblical sense.  They often presented a ‘tension’ which needed resolution which came to finalization in the last stanza bringing release and joy.

I consider this to be a valuable piece of work and I thank her for allowing me the privilege of critique.”


“Great poems and perfect synaesthesia (words and art).”

 Koraljka /Artist and Illustrator


Note:  Use the contact page, found on the Home Page, for any further queries or comments.

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