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This website will be used to keep you informed of my latest author projects, both in progress and published and I will give you a few extracts of these projects for you to sample.

I will also inform you of special deals going, both in paperback and e-book formats (go to the “Order Here” tab at the top of the menu bar, for more information).

Quick link to Amazon Central for paper version and e-books:


The author journey is one which requires a massive amount of learning. A lot has to do with purely technical issues; such as (in my case) how to best merge multiple documents, how to work with an illustrator, which self-publisher to choose (I decided early during the publishing process to follow this particular path), how many times to proof read the already proofed documents, who to ask for comments on my work, legal aspects of copyright (mine and others), and on and on the various issues present themselves as I embarked on this journey.

As well, the journey requires an enormous amount of patience and sometimes the only solution to seemingly insurmountable problems is to just switch off your computer, go make another cuppa, watch a movie or go to bed; initially gritting your teeth. But the passion for seeing that book completed and available to the world keeps you going! I wouldn’t trade this journey for anything else!

Yours truly,

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