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This website will be used to keep you informed of my latest author projects, both in progress and published and I will give you a few extracts of these projects for you to sample


Pia Horan-Gross

Pia has been writing short stories and poetry since childhood. She has been a profuse diary writer since adolescence and, after a very eventful life, is finally finding the time to devote herself to gather her prolific written work into published formats.

Her poetry, which she defines as “reality-based, spiritual poetry and art”, is written in prose style. It has been inspired by such poets as Basho, for his powerful simplicity, and T.S. Eliot, for his ground-breaking, poetic freedom of expression… continue reading

Pia Horan-Gross

My Best Poems Complete Collection


Part 1: Nature

Part 2: Relationships

Part 3: Spirituality

Also available as 3 separate books

All poetry ought to emanate from a heart place. If poetry is illuminated by spiritual light, this will reflect in its content.

All My Books

All poetry ought to emanate from a heart place. If poetry is illuminated by spiritual light, this will reflect in its content.

Complete Collection

Part 2 The Challenge of RELATIONSHIPS

Ginseng like all cats loved boxes. Here he sabotaged my attempts at wrapping Christmas presents!

Diary of a (usually) Quite Contented Cat: Sprinkled with lots of laughter

The Puppy Who Wouldn’t Share

My Best Poems. Complete Collection. AUDIOBOOK

Editorial Reviews

Pia’s poems capture echoes from the past, reflections on the present and hope for the future.

The echoes from Pia’s life as she reflects on the harsh realities of life’ experiences and the disappointment of unfulfilled dreams can evoke our own echoes. But her poetry does more than dwell on life’s disappointments; it also reveals the healing power of beauty glimpsed in nature and in life-affirming relationships. She moves from darkness to light; from despair to discovery and to the assured hope of the eternal “Rose Garden”

Robyn Claydon

Author/International speaker/Lecturer in Poetry

Rating: 4 out of 4 stars

I have found Pia’s “Spirituality” poetry to be consistent and life-giving and I commend the work highly.

Her poems are almost Psalm-ic or Proverbial in the biblical sense. They often present a ‘tension’ which needs resolution, which comes to finalization in the last stanza, bringing release and joy.

I consider this to be a valuable piece of work and I thank her for allowing me the privilege of critique.

Ralph Estherby

Author/Australian Army Chaplain/Director of Chaplaincy Australia

Rating: 4 out of 4 stars

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