A Personal Recommendation in order to Increase our Word Treasury

In my English class for ESL students (English as a Second Language), I often use the word “literacy”, not only regarding reading and writing but also regarding subjects such as “health literacy”; i.e. how knowledgeable we are in accessing appropriate health-related  services and awareness of patient rights (very much on my heart, especially since studying Health Science at Uni), “information literacy”; i.e. knowing how to find relevant sources of required information etc. and literacy regarding other, important everyday subjects.

As writers, we are increasingly required to aquire the art of “wordsmithing”; the knack and accuracy of using words in captivating and unusual ways. This is an important component in becoming a skillful writer!

On my Mother’s Day wish list, this year, was “Oxymoronica”: Paradoxical Wit and Wisdom from History’s Greatest Wordsmiths. By Dr Mardy Grothe. Paperback (USA) June 2015. My daughter Bec kindly ordered it and I now enjoy perusing its contents, which do not disappoint! A chuckle is frequently forthcoming!

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