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Pia Horan-Gross - Author

Pia has been writing short stories and poetry since childhood. She has been a profuse diary writer since adolescence and, after a very eventful life, is finally finding the time to devote herself to gather her prolific written work into published formats.

Her poetry has been inspired by such poets as Basho and T.S. Eliot, it is written in prose style. She doesn’t believe that the message should be hidden behind mysterious symbolism and gimmicky expressions. Rather, her message is clear, to the point and often contains a surprise element. She hopes to inspire her readers.

Compassion shines through her writing and her unique life journey adds depth to her writing.

An autobiography and a collection of short stories are shortly following.

Pia is Swiss born but has lived in Australia since 1971. She studied English Literature after arriving in Australia and later gained a Bachelor in Health Sciences from the University of Sydney, specialising in Rehabilitation Counselling. She worked as a counsellor and life coach but is presently retired and enjoys writing, teaching newcomers to Australia English conversation skills and spending time with her two adult daughters and three grandchildren.

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