Pia Horan-Gross

Pia is Swiss-born but has lived in Australia since 1971. She studied English literature after arriving in Australia. Later, she studied for a Certificate in Welfare Work (TAFE) and a Bachelor Degree in Health Science (Rehab. Couns.) at the University of Sydney were obtained. She worked as a counsellor and life coach but is presently retired and enjoys writing and self-publishing, teaching English conversation skills, and spending time with her two adult daughters and three grandchildren.


The burden of our disappointments, like the daily accumulation of trash, requires of us to deal with it. If not, it becomes a weight that threatens to crush us! For many, it does. The consequence: self-harm, lives lived in isolation or ended prematurely. A Silent Epidemic As per Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_suicide_rate#:~:text=Worldwide%2C%20the%20rates%20in%202016,for%20religious%20or%20cultural%20reasons), suicide, especially in men, has …


Safe and Unsafe Groups and Some of their Practices

Safe and Unsafe Groups and Some of their Practices. An Extract from a study on High-Control Groups or Cults Although written from a humanistic perspective (The 25 Signs you’re in a High-Control Group or Cult by Anastasia Somerville-Wong, February 24, 2020), I can recognise quite a few of these dysfunctional traits in some of the …

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Marketing for Christians

Marketing for Christians

I have written before about the issue of marketing for Christians (see https://piahorangross.com//archives/2322).  What I know is that marketing out there, in the big wide world, represents a mad scramble for supremacy! That scramble involves massive amounts of cash to be invested in this effort, time, mental and emotional energy, with precious little time left …

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The Great Disconnect between our Hopes and Reality

https://www.shutterstock.com/editor/design/15707844?share_code=0d30761d6e3c5573cb50269d24c8dfed  Sometimes, there can be a great disconnect between our hopes and reality. Take for example the hopes about our desired partner and the reality of who we end up choosing to spend our lives with. What do we do with this, when it happens? Such dreams are part of the self, part of our …

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THE GIFT OF REST (Exodus 20:9-11)

The Day of Rest, here again. Strange and unsettling. Everything in me wants to tackle tasks. Driven by unfinished projects. Anxious about things undone. To rest; surely refreshing? The problem lies with why and how. Selah Called, maybe, to self-indulgence? To sleep and sloth? A command to plonk to stare at a screen or window, …

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