Building an Author Platform

One of the dos for “indie” authors (short for independent, I am told) is building your author platform, so it seems. This is one of the many hoops “trendy” self-publishing authors are recommended to jump through, by internet self-publishing gooroos.

The list is truly dizzying; first you need to produce a manuscript as close to perfect (from a grammatical- and editorial point of view) as possible. That’s no mean feat. At one stage, I was working with four different programs, of which three were relatively new to me, to move towards this goal!

Then, there is your “social presence” as an author. You need an author page on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln and the list goes on. Regular “tweets” and/or “blogs” (I must research what the difference is!) are another must-do. One goes with the other, of course.

As you can see, I have mastered the most important one: my author website! Yeah!

The above is of course just the bare bones or structure to the author platform. But it’s a start.

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