Communicate, communicate, COMMUNICATE!

As a past (in my case Christian) leader, I very much believe in team building. From personal experience and observation, I have found that a key ingredient in great team building is GOOD AND CONSISTENT COMMUNICATION. One teacher I came across had a simple motto, which I have never forgotten, “communicate, communicate, communicate!”. This applies to formal, as well as informal teams, the latter being a family, a couple, a group of friends etc.

We all have a need for respect, to have value and to feel that our contribution is worthwhile. Tapping into this basic human need and giving consistent feedback is a powerful team building tool. That may at times include loving but clear correction, without violating a person’s dignity.

The opposite behaviour, namely erratic or worse, no communication or failure to respond to requests or questions by team members, will make for a fragmented, frustrated and dissatisfied team! It sends the covert message that team members are not important.

Good leaders don’t become such overnight but they will never be such, if they think that leadership is simply “calling the shots”.

During my Christian walk, I have met many kind of leaders. The ones I have learned to avoid are those who don’t take the time to respond, who live in an “insider circle” and only socialise within that circle and present their team with ready-made decisions, expecting unquestioning implementation.

If you are part of a team with a high calibre leader, then you are on the road to becoming one yourself!

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