While the world gloats over the latest vicious Trump attack by Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury”, whose contents he presently reinforces through numerous world-wide television appearances, apart from the questionable truthfulness of its contents, I ask myself the question: WHAT DRIVES THE MAN?

As I skim through the sparce sources available on this question, what already emerges is that the man got into the White House administration as an observer, through deception; by publishing in the past FLATTERING content on Trump. As an impartial observer, I conclude therefore that Wolff is a real rattle snake!

Further, I read that apart from literary ambition (he has received various literary awards already), someone wrote that he is driven by “money, money, money”! This ambition he certainly will have achieved by now and in the future, but at what cost to his country! Funny, how such monstrous ambition and obvious greed make me think of anarchy and its effects upon the stability of a country! Funny also, how an individual of the same name published a book on this same subject, anarchy!

What about Trump and his personal style then? As Christians, we are to pray for the man, for God has allowed him to occupy this vital position he finds himself in. He is there to do a job, one that impacts the whole world, including us. These vicious and continuous attacks upon his credibility make his job incredibly difficult. How easy it is for him to become inmeshed in this controversy surrounding him, loosing sight of what he is there for! Let’s pray that he keeps his focus on the task before him, that he surrounds himself with wise and godly counselors and that he is given the wisdom to listen to wise counsel! Amen.

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