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My books are still available through Amazon, but I have changed publisher. I am now dealing with Ingram Spark, namely Lightening Source in Australia. This will reduce postage costs. 

Order method will be upgraded shortly!

(In the meantime, search for my books in your favourite search engine and you will find other booksellers who carry my books. If you compare prices and postage costs, you could find a good deal!)

Another method to locate the best price (consider postage costs in the equation) is to ask Google Assistant on your i-phone or smartphone for my book title or just state my author name (Pia Horan-Gross) and it will list available books and best prices. 

These books are unique; both in the poetry they contain and in the artwork. They make beautiful gifts, which will inspire, open up a window into the writer’s heart and cause many reader’s heartstrings to reverberate! Several comments by others can be found at the bottom of this page and at the front of some of my books.

You will see a brief description below of each book. Thank you for your interest!


MY BEST POEMS – Complete Collection

Comprises Part 1; Nature, Part 2; Relationships and Part 3; Spirituality – which can also be purchased as separate books, or as a complete collection of four books (see below).

It is written in the author’s particular prose style, which draws inspiration from Basho and T.S. Eliot in particular. It covers a lifetime of author’s poetry writing journey. Poems include reflections on the beauty of nature, through experienced encounters, the challenge of past and present relationships and the wonder of personal discovery of the spiritual side of life.

It is intended for reflection, meditation and the enjoyment of art; expressed through both poetry and beautiful paintings.


To relax, inspire and simply enjoy! The ‘Nature’ described is that of the Australian landscape, viewed and experienced by both the author and a guest author, Ron T. Horan. It comes with paintings by Koraljka, an outstanding artist.

MY BEST POEMS – Part 2 The Challenge of RELATIONSHIPS 

This book describes many types of relationships, both personal and observed. It does this in a gutsy, honest and moving prose style. It has illustrations, both in colour and black and white, created by Koraljka, a brilliant artist. The book is designed for enjoyment, reflection and inspiration.


This book encompasses the author’s grappling with unfolding life experiences, from a spiritual perspective. It comes with paintings by Koraljka, a gifted artist. For meditation, reflection and simple enjoyment.


Children’s books:


A delightful and educational story for 3-8-year-olds who love puppies and baby animals, with lovely artwork by Koraljka. Every page comes in a different colour, to delight little ones.

Pepper, a happy Labrador puppy has a lot to learn, especially about the art of sharing with others. She has a lovely next-door friend called Polly, whom she wants to keep all to herself. No one is allowed to join their games, which makes them very upset! When Pepper’s mum tells her a very important story, Pepper decides to make a surprising decision.

This book received a ‘Five Stars’ award by “Reader’s Favorite“.



A humorous story for young ones and the young at heart, especially for those who love cats!

It centres on a ginger and white handsome boy cat and his daily exploits, living with a human “mum” and “dad” whom he tries to educate regarding cat etiquette and rights. He rules the roost in house and garden and has various interesting, frustrating but also hilarious encounters with visitors and various wild and domestic creatures, the latter trying to insist on free access onto his turf.

The book comes with truly stunning watercolour paintings.


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