I once heard the saying:
“Sometimes you have to play
in pain.”
An answer given
as to why play at all,
after injury.

My thoughts go to certain people
and to myself, in the past.
Self-protection and –preservation,
our main motivation.
Closed individuals,
of few words.

Everything about them – subdued;
their smile, their laughter.
They hide in kitchens,
or behind computers.
Hermits – with lovers or not,
locked in predictable routines.

Hidden behind safe bunkers,
their safety, in reality
a hidden prison!
Only hidden to them.
“Never again!”
resonating in their cautious minds.

With God on our side,
we have the wisdom,
the resilience and the healer
to live lives to the full;
with open arms, open minds
fearless, brave and open hearts!
7 May 2018


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