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Pray for America!

In all the present upheaval and chaos going on in Washington right now, one person who has consistently acted honourably is Vice-President Mike Pence; a King David likeness in his conduct! Just like King David, before he became king, he never stopped supporting and honouring King Saul. Despite being subjected to death threats by him and a paranoid form of persecution, David continued to respect him. David stated that Saul was the Lord’s anointed, he respected THE OFFICE, rather than the man who obviously had mental health issues.

Mike Pence, a Christian believer, has always struck me for rare fineness; I believe he has shown the same loyalty towards Trump, during the latter’s time in office.

Now, that all claims of foul play have been officially disproven, despite Trump’s denial, Mike Pence has decided to abide by the Constitution of America (the highest authority!) and to be part of the lawful initial handing over procedures for swearing in the President-Elect Joe Biden, inciting the ire of Trump, who is known to demand unquestioning loyalty from his staff (see the movie “The Comey Rule” and his autobiography “A Higher Loyalty”).

America needs our prayers!

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