My Best Poems, Celebrating Nature by Pia Horan-Gross

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Pia has included sixteen poems on the subject of nature and its appreciation. They cover watching seasons’ changes from a sickbed, the bliss of getting away and spending time alone, various rare creatures visiting her garden, the goings-on of bumbling bumblebees and much more.

Her book contains prose poetry and covers a lifetime of poetry writing, sorted in alphabetical order of titles, showing the dates of the original poems, later reviewed and professionally edited for publication

A book for reflection and meditation and enjoyment of Koraljka’s beautiful paintings.

As well, a guest poet shares his unique, at times humorous encounters with the Australian bush, having long camped in the bush, fly-fishing in remote areas, defying wind, storms and all things creeping and crawling. He has added some of his drawings with his poems.


Celebrating Nature
Depiction of Nature in Poetry by artist Koraljka


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