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My Best Poems. Complete Collection. AUDIOBOOK


My Best Poems, Complete Collection contains prose poetry and covers a lifetime of poetry writing, sorted in alphabetical order of titles, with dates of creation of original poems featured, though reviewed and professionally edited at a later date. It comprises experienced reflections on the beauty of nature, the painful, at times fleeting joy of relationships and their deeply spiritual significance, and the wonder and discovery of the spiritual realm.

The book contains 136 poems, divided into three parts; Part 1, Celebrating Nature, describes mainly Australian scenes and how they reflect what is going on in the author’s inner world.

Part 2, The Challenge of Relationships, covers a multitude of relational challenges, both experienced and observed, various life stages and the author’s struggle to come to grips with those.

Part 3, Spirituality. Finding the way out of the maze describes the author’s search for meaning, relevance and truth. She describes her attempt in various situations, philosophical and religious teachings and trying to make sense in the midst of it all.

The audiobook is meant for reflection and meditation and the soothing voice of Sallybeth beautifully enhances the author’s intention for her listeners.


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