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Robyn Claydon, a published author who holds degrees in Education, Literature and Theology and is a Fellow of the Australian  College of Education, is an international speaker and author and taught English for many years, lecturing in Poetry. This is her commentary on my above poems:

Pia’s poems capture echoes from the past, reflections on the present and hope for the future. T.S.  Eliot in “Four Quartets” writes:

“Footfalls echo in the memory

Down the passage that we did not take

Towards the door we never opened

Into the rose-garden”

 The echoes from Pia’s life as she reflects on the harsh realities of life’ experiences and the disappointment of unfulfilled dreams  can evoke our own echoes. But her poetry does more than dwell on life’s disappointments; it also reveals the healing power of beauty glimpsed in nature and in life-affirming relationships.  She moves from darkness to light; from despair to discovery and to the assured hope of the eternal “Rose Garden “.

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