The burden of our disappointments, like the daily accumulation of trash, requires of us to deal with it. If not, it becomes a weight that threatens to crush us! For many, it does. The consequence: self-harm, lives lived in isolation or ended prematurely.

A Silent Epidemic
As per Wikipedia (,for%20religious%20or%20cultural%20reasons), suicide, especially in men, has been described as a “silent epidemic”.

Self-medicating that pain, through various destructive means doesn’t count as a valid method of dealing with it. It amounts to brushing it under the carpet, where disappointment and its associated hidden burden simply accumulates till it overwhelms us.

Rather, we need to acknowledge that we are carrying a burden (of disappointment) and decide to deal with it, through a trusted source of help; I would say a professional with a reputation of being competent and trustworthy.

What is a Mental Health Care Plan?
In Australia, we are lucky to have treatment available under a Mental Health Care Plan,,  accessible through our General Practitioner, who will make a referral to a professional of our or GP’s choice. During the present Covid-19 times, such a Plan appears easier to get!

Yes, we need to put aside an unhelpful false sense of pride and make a decision to look after ourselves. No one else will! Wisdom consists of acknowledging when we need help and getting it! Through The Mental Health Care Plan, we will not use up all our savings to get it! And even if we have to; we are worth it!

The Disappointments of Life
Life, for most of us, holds many disappointments. People, as wonderful as they may be, are potential sources of disappointment. That includes us as well!

It is a fact of life that no one is perfectly loving, patient and trustworthy. We all fail to measure up to the yardstick of perfection, in every area of life! The most impacting area, of course, is the relationship area.

A two-edged Sword!
Some of us, through dysfunctional upbringing, have acquired destructive relationship patterns. These can deeply wound and is a two-edged sword; wounding others and ourselves! This too demands acknowledgement and the determination not to remain emotionally crippled; for our own sake and others’!

Life’s Failures
Then there are failures in our lives; a failed business venture, failure to achieve our dreams, causing harm to self and others through many forms of negligence and oversight, failure to live up to our promises and the list goes on.

Disappointment in self may be the hardest burden to carry. We need to forgive ourselves; first to make that decision and then as a daily process. Making amends, if we are able, will help with the self-forgiving process.

Faith and Forgiveness
For those who have faith in God, the extended arms of Christ on the cross are a clear sign of His forgiveness to all those who are genuinely sorry for their wrong actions. “It is finished” were His last words. He paid the price on our behalf. We insult Him by trying to pay it all over again through self-hatred, self-judgement and many forms of self-flagellation!

It is finished!
The Open Arms of Christ Crucified

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