THE GIFT OF REST (Exodus 20:9-11)

The Day of Rest,

here again.

Strange and unsettling.

Everything in me

wants to tackle tasks.


by unfinished projects.


about things undone.

To rest;

surely refreshing?

The problem lies

with why and how.


Called, maybe,

to self-indulgence?

To sleep and sloth?

A command

to plonk

to stare

at a screen or window,

to escape?


ticking away,

while I wonder

how to get this resting

over and done with!


Tomorrow, finally,

I can resume

what seems to settle me;

to be busy once again.

Why this queerness,

when it comes to simply rest?

Most of us, anxiety-driven;

shown up clearly

by the challenge of rest.

Could it be-

we have not yet understood

what the Giver of daily rest

is offering to us? (Matt.11:28)


7 November 2020

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