The Puppy Who Wouldn’t Share – New Addition!

The above book has finally been published!  You can buy it from Amazon here.

I have already received rave reviews about it and more reviews will follow.

Here is one from the authoritative “Readers’ Favorite” organisation, which awarded the book a five star rating! Available on and for Australian readers

Reviewed By:

Lesley Jones

Review Rating:

5 Stars – Congratulations on your 5-star review!   

Reviewed By Lesley Jones for Readers’ Favorite

“The Puppy Who Wouldn’t Share by Pia Horan-Gross is an enchanting story that will teach children the importance of sharing and including everyone in their games. It will also show children the benefits of being kind and considerate to everyone they meet. This is a heartwarming story about a little Labrador called Pepper, who finds that sharing his best friend with his siblings is very difficult. Pepper learn a valuable lesson from his mother; that sharing and thinking of others is the only way to ensure you are never alone and sad. This book will entertain every young child, while also teaching them excellent values. The perfect book to start children reading and learning great life lessons.

The Puppy Who Wouldn’t Share by Pia Horan-Gross is a delightful story about friendship and sharing through the eyes of a little puppy named Pepper. Throughout this well-written children’s book, there are excellent illustrations which are perfect for younger children to strengthen their observational skills. I feel parents could use the illustrations to discuss the sadness it causes others if they behave selfishly. This book will definitely encourage children to be tolerant of others, but also demonstrates the effects of isolating yourself and others because you do not want to share. The book will teach children to show kindness and tolerance of people who are different to themselves. A very poignant story which shows that by giving a little time to others, you gain a great deal back. A perfect addition to any child’s bookcase and especially recommended for schools when a new child joins the class.”


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