The time has arrived: distributing my finished books!

As I decided to publish with CreateSpace (Amazon), which is placed in America and which only has printing facilities in the U.S., now that it comes to ordering my finished books, reality has hit! The postage costs are simply horrific!

Whereas before, my research as a complete self-publishing novice focussed on HOW TO PUBLISH, i.e. formatting challenges, costs of publishing etc. etc. with some invaluable advice discovered after very time costly searching on the web (but money saving advice!), some of which (the best, according to my limited understanding) I have shared on my website.

The next step on this journey is DISTRIBUTION; getting the books to clients’ hands, at the most economic prizes.

This adds some complex issues:

a) Books for U.S. customers: Amazon will do fine and postal costs will be very reasonable.

b) Books for Australian customers: The postage is simply economically unsustainable!

What are the options for Australian writers?

Here is where more research is needed! I have posted a very helpful link on that subject, which I am presently perusing myself.

Here it is, you lucky ducks!

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