Tripped Up

“Do you get lonely?”

was her genuine question.

What could I say?

Of course, I sometimes do!

The next day,

I woke up in tears…

I felt lonely.

Briefly, I forgot;

the issue of loneliness-

was dealt with

long ago!

That idol, once driving me,

now safely surrendered

at the foot of the cross.

Why idol?

An idol dictates one’s actions

and demands to be served.

When decisions arise

requiring letting go-

the idol will win

every time.

A deceitful disguise,

capturing the world’s pity and fear,

arousing the heart’s tendency

to attach to and nurture self-pity.

It is but another way

to justify wrong action,

ending up in the fowler’s snare.

My choices were poor then,

dictated by that idol’s need.

I had a call on my life

to serve only one Master;

the other needed to be dethroned.

I did not know then.

Only when shown from above.



at times pays me a visit.

A mere reminder

to draw closer to Him.

Never again,

to take up residence.

25 September 2020

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