What I hadn’t understood about Http and Https websites. An important difference!

I just spent an afternoon to finally do some information gathering about website “management”, for lack of a better word!

I am a writer, not an IT nerd, so all the nitty gritty “must know and do’s” about managing a personal website are utterly daunting to me!

Every now and then I “stumble” over one of those mysterious terms about website hosting (if that is the right word) and I usually just can’t make the time to self-teach myself what significance and relevance they may have for my website.

I have been thinking up till now that having a website “security monitor” (paid service) was the most essential thing I needed. Everything else was for the professionals!

Usually, all I want to do is to move on to the production and publication of my next book and then to advertise it on my website, this website.

Today, presently waiting on my illustrator to fix a few hiccups with her files for my new book, I finally could dedicate myself to dispel some of my (website) IT ignorance – without the usual niggling guilt that I should rather use the time to move my publishing projects forward!

What hit me between the eyes was the issue of the difference between HTTP versus HTTPS; that initial bit in front of your website domain name! It actually is part of it. This website so far has Http in front of its name. Apparently, not as secure and not as desirable in the much coveted Google ranking! Two important factors for the success of any website! (Confession time: So far, I was ignorant about it! Every IT savvy person will probably gasp in horror!)

Ah well! Better late than never, I say.

For those who are as ignorant as I “was”, here is the brilliant link that has helped me to devise a plan of action: <ahref=”https://youtu.be/fotBxhGqX_s”>https://youtu.be/fotBxhGqX_s

Here we go, I have my plan! Now I need to put it into action!

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