We, His Church,

are His alone!

He has called us

to follow Him.


Not, like Paul reproached,

following each other.

Or our denominations.

Just Him.


His Word.

His deeds.

His attitudes.

His prayer life.


His faith.

His compassion.

His hatred of evil.

His joy and humility.


He honoured women

and not controlled them.

He washed His disciples’ feet,

not have them wash His.


He did nothing

from His own will.

Only what He saw

the Father doing.


His actions –

the result of faith-filled,

at times

agonized prayer.


He told His disciples

to prayerfully wait in Jerusalem

for the infilling of His Spirit,

before launching out.


Making sure

they were Spirit-led

and not merely by good intentions

when fulfilling His command.


Why then

do we think

we can heed His call

without the same obedience?


As a result,

five thousand new believers

were added to them

in a single day!


Our impatient selves

struggle with the discipline of prayer.

We crave instant results.

Something to show for.


It also reveals our unbelief,

which we want to hide

from each other

and from God.


No wonder

that we see more and more

believers steadily drifting away!

And still, we are not listening.

31 August 2021

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