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Diary of a (usually) Quite Contented Cat


The above book is ready to be pre-ordered and is due for publication and therefore sale by October 2018!

It has been long in the making, due to various individuals partaking in the putting together of the book itself. By this I mean the illustrator, who did not want to be named on the book title (pity that!), Rachel who once again smoothed out some of the formatting glitches (we work well together as she, like I, will not rest until the result is as faultless as we can possibly manage!). She is in complete agreement that my readers deserve a completely professional product!

As we all know; the greatest satisfaction is often experienced after persevering in the midst of the greatest struggle; this is a little bit how it has felt during the making of this book!

From an early age, I have had to learn perseverance, like when I first taught myself to ride an adult bike at the age of six (I did not have access to a kids’ bike back then) or how to learn to swim, with very little help (I nearly drowned in the process!) and in many other situations!

Presently, it is happening with this self-publishing process but patience always pays off!

I just wanted to let you know that for those who will become Ginseng fans, to keep his memory alive beyond the book, a special Ginsy cup can be ordered, so that you can continue enjoying his memory for a long time! I certainly do!

Here is a picture of my favourite cup, I mean cat!

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