(Yet unpublished:) GOD’S BALM OF GILEAD


As I lingered
a little longer than planned,
amidst prayer lists
and to-do lists,
seeking His presence
in obedience to His prompting,
He put His healing finger
on things in my heart
hidden away
behind lock and key.
“Release them to me”,
He seemed to say.
“Lay them on my altar.
Let them go.”
I didn’t even know
that they were there.
Only tears
confirmed their presence.
The outcomes
of vainly setting my hopes
on people
and hoped for situations.
Reinforced daily to us
by a world gone astray.
its destructive myths.
We were never meant
to put our hopes
in anything else
but in the One who cannot lie.
His promises sure.
His ways blameless.
He has poured
His Balm of Gilead
on my wounds and,
in due time,
His joy will spring forth
where grief and loss
once resided.

19 September 2018


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