Mankind, on history’s treadmill,

suffering from corporate amnesia.

The wisdom of man,

a dazzling angel-

its light, darkness disguised.

Much running to and fro

by puffed-up VIP’s

in sleek cars

with darkened windows,


followed by hordes of bodyguards.

All creation of man

comes with a due-by-date.

If it wasn’t so tragic,

it could be melodramatic!

All the while, there are voices

above the clambering,

waiting to be heard.

Draw aside.

Switch off the babble.

Stop the incessant,

compulsive daily dance.

Refuse to be driven

by that corporate gnawing fear.

Instead, voice a resolute NO!

Out in the desert

of your emptiness,

you start hearing

a different drum.

It calls you to silence,

to the ceasing of pursuit.

To the courage

to willingly embrace death.

Death to self

and to all you have ever known.

To face the abyss,

before you are ready

to walk through that gate,

ordained from above.

A new day,

a new birth;

the only way

to come alive.

Living free,

at last!


from the tyranny of self.


and believing

in something greater

than yourself,

which will remain.


tried and tested

that fails to crumble.

A work

that endures.

Its blueprint and instructions

given by The One

Who Is from eternity.

He abides

in the eye of the raging storm,

yet speaks in whispers,

only discerned by those

who draw aside to listen.

28 June 2019

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