My Thoughts on the Issue of Voting

Being a writer, typically I like to write about all sorts of matters. I am reasonably engaged politically, simply because the governance of the land I reside in can and does affect my personal life in big and small ways. Apart from this subjective point of view, I care about the wellbeing of the nation I call my own and my immediate community and its residents. Proof of this is that I give my time freely to help build up others, in need of a hand up. I say this, not with pride or self-promotion, simply to back up my previous statement. Too many express caring for our community, with no evidence to back up their statement.

Responsible voting is a real challenge! So many approaches to this issue! It is an important one, despite what we may feel about it! Who we chose to be put in power to represent us, the people of Australia may affect us in more ways than we imagine!

After thinking about it, I have come up with the following:


Points for consideration:

  1. What political outlook does he/she have? (Make sure you know what the party’s ideological outlook consists of – it often changes over time. Also, who are they going to give preference votes to? This also is a good indicator of what policies they are aligning themselves with, apart from their own).
  2. Apart from 1., what are his/her achievements so far and do they represent what you would like to see happening in our Shire and Nation? (We have a lot of critical political voices in our ears, what we don’t need is negativity for negativity’s sake. Give us proactive nation builders, not political opportunists, aiming for power, for power’s’ sake!).
  3. What are their stated aims, if in power? Again, do they represent your own aims? I confess I am no political expert. Few of us are. Common sense is available to us all. Here is mine, for what it’s worth! Happy (and mindful) voting!

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