The Neverending Journey Called MARKETING!

My bro, who also is a writer, moaned recently that his book sales are negligible. 
I believe he is one of many writers who think that all that is needed to be a writer is to simply write books; ideally well written! And then to publish them somewhere like Amazon. He has not yet embarked on that neverending journey called marketing!
I used to think the same in my early days (a mere three or so years ago). Once my books were published, I then was forced to look into the whole issue and journey which is marketing.
I have never been a great marketer. I hated the idea of trying to convince people that they needed my product. It smacked of unsavoury sales tactics. So I was never good at selling anything.
Now (three years or so ago), I entered the domain of Amazon. What a rude awakening, as far as book sales were concerned! There were millions of writers out there who had published books. They were all scrambling to get to the top of their sales category; I had to first find out what was mine! Next, came crucial keywords to describe my books and the know-how to do this correctly. And the more I tried to catch up, the more there was to catch up!

The long and the short of it; after spending thousands of dollars to learn the marketing game, I am still learning, still confused, still out of pocket as far as sales are concerned.
Under normal circumstances, I would have long given up on this, and just considered the whole writing thing a very expensive hobby, and just focussed on the writing and publishing part. Stuff the marketing!
Yet, something inside of me tenaciously is persevering! I want to get to the top of this!
I am now trying to get traffic to my website, learning about SEO, using keywords (a killer for creativity) in my website blogs, in order to increase my Google score as a website, finding my way around my newly developed website (another big expense!), setting up (at least first finding out how to) an email newsletter, and the learning curve is still at Mt. Everest steepness!
I enrolled in a marketing course recently (paid!). I suffered severe overwhelm! Another folder sitting on my bookshelf, waiting to be taken down and applied to my book marketing!
Would I ever have started the publishing journey?
All I know is that I like a challenge! Therefore, to all my fellow writers and book lovers: in Churchill’s words, “Never, never, never, ever …give up!” (He said more, but that’s it in a nutshell.)

2 thoughts on “The Neverending Journey Called MARKETING!”

  1. My book is about to be published, and I stand breathless on the brink of the marketing journey. Like you, I am uncomfortable with the idea of telling people that they need my book. But like you, I have invested thousands in this venture, I have to at least try!

    My website -also paid for- is up, I have the blogs, but confess I haven’t managed the keywords yet. Another thing on my to-do list.

    It is consoling to read that someone else is having the same battles. I wish you great success in the days and months ahead.

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Lovely to hear from you! Congratulations on your first published book! It will always be a very special one on your publishing journey! I have spent oodles on this marketing journey and my recommendation is to first identify your niche and then to look around for relevant author groups (most will require a yearly fee) who usually allow you to post your questions in a members-only Facebook group. Best wishes to you.Feel free to get in touch again!

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